5" stainless steel centrifugal solar submersible pump


Water pump & Controller: 3 years

Solar panels are optional.

Product Description

Components List: 

1. Solar pump with 3m cable (longer cable is available if needed)

2. MPPT controller

3. Water level sensor or float switch:10meter cable (longer cable is available)

4. Cable for solar panel: 3m (longer cable is available)

5. Cable connector

6. Rope to hang the pump

7. Installation manual

Construction Features: 
Outlet: stainless steel
Impeller: stainless steel
Bearing: NSK
Pump case: stainless steel
Controller case: die-cast aluminum
Liquid temperature: max 40 °C
Quantity of sand in the water: max 40 g/m³ 

Motor: Full Oil Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor (without hall) 
Controller: 32 bit MCU & FOC & Sine Wave Current & MPPT


  • TL and TH short circuit, The pumps stop.
  • TL and TH open circuit, The pumps run.
  • WL and COM short circuit, The pumps stop.
  • WL and COM open circuit , The pumps run.
    Note:when the WL and COM from short to Open, the pumps will delay 10min to run.
  • U V W Connect to Pumps.
  • Solar Energy Plate Connection Method.
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